What makes someone eligible enough for the tag ‘FOREVER MINE’?

Poetry adorable enough to make love shine.

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What's the thing that you search for most in dear ones?

What are your expectations or desires?

What makes someone perfect?

Well, the answers may differ from person to person. Depending upon the likes and dislikes.

Well I like this saying a lot when it comes to appreciating a person by his/her qualities :
'' Manners matter, good looks are bonus, humour is must’’.

This poem has tried to put together some of the key qualities that majority would desire. It describes what all is required before labelling / calling someone as 'Forever Mine'. As its totally based on imagination thus might sound a little absurd when compared with reality.
Thank you Readers! for sharing positive response in the last post.
Hope you enjoy reading this sweet English poetry named 'Forever Mine'.

Let's begin :

If your presence is the best gift,

and absence takes away his smile.

he stays true and by your side,

no matter glory, drought or famine.

When misunderstandings grew and things starts to change,

leaving ego and arrogance, trying to make everything once again all right.

He takes the initiative to end the quarrel and fight.

Forgetting about the mistakes and accepting the faults

Treating you as masterpiece leaving all flaws aside.

Others doubted, cheated, played and broke you in ties,

He firmly holds the hand and

trusted the innersight.

Understands mental situation, mood swings, sorrows and joy

Doesn't gives up on you whether you are acidic or alkaline.

In hectic schedule, family duties

and busy days,

He still makes time for you and showers endless prayers and praise.

The heart is filled with love, affection and respect.

Behaves like a gentleman deprived of all bad intentions-

added with purity in eyes.

Charm doesn't gets lost,

magic refuses to fade,

He don't run over to others even though you hurt him hundred times.

Rest are mere temptations, you are the first and final choice.

Hears the silent whispers and notices the sadness in eyes.

Its hard to fake happiness for he knows all your lies.

Kisses your forehead, provides support and gently consoles.

Leaves the concern of the world.

Becomes a companion during darkness and harsh tides.

You burst out in tears, fixing the hurdles he tries to make you fine.

Your smile is his happiness
You are important, special and his sunshine.

And if you are blessed with

that cute idiot,

Appreciate his care, support,

love and all the sacrifice.

Don't loose that pearl rather

hug him tight,

Hold his hand and label him


So how was it?

Is there anything else that you wanna include in the list?

Do let me know your honest opinions in the comments section, would love to hear from your side ☺

Thank you 💙



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