These mini conversations are worth reading.

Cute talks that can instantly bring a smile on your face.

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Hello readers 🙋‍♀️

Welcome back to yet another collection of the wispy words ✨

Today I won’t present quotes neither shayaries nor poetries, no not even tales rather we will read few short conversations between two individuals that would sum up a lot of beautiful things.

Let’s begin with the reading session..

  • First one

Okay so the microtale behind this one is, a boy is suffering from a deadly disease due to which he could never expressed his love. Since they couldn’t stay together thus he didn’t wanted to bring long term sadness for the girl due to the short duration of time life has given him.This reminds me of the quote— if there isn’t any chance of ‘us’ then I will erase every sign of love for ‘you’.

Life is short, this thought reminds some souls to live fully while the same thought is enough to snatch away the smile from few souls.

  • Second one

No greeds, sympathy or superiority just to be a companion ; just as a comrade.

  • Third one

Too sweet to handle 😂

I don’t exactly remember when I wrote this one but it would have been probably framed after watching a romantic movie or maybe after listening to love songs. Anyways let’s move ahead to hear the next cute conversation.

  • Third one

Couldn’t write anything as a caption for this one… even I don’t know why 😛

  • Fourth one

Its a blessing to receive love, affection, care and happiness from the same person everytime like the first time.

  • Fifth one
  • Sixth one

Comfort zone lies somewhere around you and thus every place feels like home.

that doesn’t mean travel plans would be cancelled, she silently whispered.

  • The last one..

I have written this one with full confidence so please don’t disappoint my expectations with the reality.

Yaad rakhna haan 😅 (its compulsory!)

By the way I didn’t forget the fifth one, it just appeared too complete to add any further text.

So that was all about this post. Before wrapping it up I want to sincerely thank everyone who took the effort to read & gave positive response to the previous collection of quotes ☺

For those who missed, here’s the link to it :

Feel free to share your feedbacks.

Thank you 💙



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