Her life!

Finally accepted the reality

Read till the end ✨

20 years old, grown up, tall, good looking, little weird. A good friend of mine ‘Richu’ to name her. I still remember the humorous talks we use to have during those serious lectures. She was good in dance, her participation was important for our house to win. Even if she didn’t wanted she was forced to take part and bring the trophy. In our little group she was the only member who was able to bring some moment of pride.

One key thing that anyone could remember about her (don’t know about the rest but I do) was her craziness for a guy. She had a huge crush on for a really long time. All she wanted was to dress up like the above picture with her better half and live happily ever after. The red coloured dress, henna spread all over hands, with jewellery and makeup a perfect bride.

Not let me tell you something about the guy.

He was senior to us, studios, smart. Quite polite while talking and a little helpful. He tried to pretend cool but his sense of humour was not at all admirable (I literally didn’t liked). It was only Richu who was mad for him. Although he never took her seriously, she was just a friend to him nothing more than that.

The saddest part of it was — she knew all that very well but didn’t wanted to give up. Or one can say she was just not able to get him off her mind.

Her love was witnessed by almost half of our class except him. She was really amazing inspite of all her tales.Time passed, everyday she was dwelling deeper into her fancy imaginations. And to add the most awaited spice to her story what she received after all that love, effort and craziness was his wedding invitation card (the bomb blast💥)

The most heart breaking moment of her life but to be honest it was kind of expected. She knew very well that she is just wasting her time and attention behind him, the ending will be something of this sort only. But even after all the knowledge she was really sad upon acknowledging the fact of his marriage. Locking herself inside the room and mourning over the loss.

We all use to say — if he ever happens to accept her proposal by any chance then probably she would be the happiest person on Earth.

It was at 10:00pm that I received her text,

Richu — Hey, how are you? I want to talk to you.

Me — Good! You say what’s going on?

Richu — Nothing is going well. The walls of hope all collapsed.

Me — What happened?

Richu — wiping her tears (the entire story)

Me — oh, so are you going to the wedding?

Richu — Never! I am feeling like killing myself. I don’t want to live anymore.

Me — How?

Richu — What how?

Me — How are you going to kill yourself?

Richu — I haven’t thought about it yet.

Me — try something interesting.

Richu — first I will kill you for this reply.

Me — No spare me I am still single.

Richu — and what if your husband happen to kill you?

Me — then you can murder him.

Richu — by the way whom will you marry?

Me — Human being. A male for sure!

Richu — Thank god I am safe😂

Me — you deserve an Oscar

Richu — yup, I know that. But for what?

Me — for thinking that I am interested in you😂

Richu — nothing new, people die for me😌

Me — and after sometime they marry someone else and send the invitation card😂

Richu — hey don’t make fun of me.

Me — wasn’t that quite expected?

Richu — yes, but still. I am feeling the pain of breakup.

Me — of the relationship that never really existed

Richu — I will really kill you.

Me — yes that can happen, but you can never kill yourself 😂

Richu — true😅

Richu — when I will arrive at your marriage ceremony. Your soul mate won’t be able to look anywhere else except me.

Me — seriously😂

Richu — hopefully😂

The senseless conversation continued for another 30-40 minutes. There was no other option left other than being crazy with her. Tears, laughter everything was present.

It took her months to get over the thoughts of his wedding. She didn’t went to his wedding nor at the reception. The one sided love story remained incomplete forever all of us witnessed the entire process, the ups and downs and finally the ending.

Now, the lesson she teaches everyone else is — don’t get mad for someone.

At last she finally accepted the reality. We got our stupid group member again.

A moment of peace for everyone of us!

Thank you 💙



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