Can faith help you in dealing with tough times?

Rechecking the conflicts happening in head.

I am sure everyone of us have been through the cruel stages where in conflicts of mind, heart and soul brutally snatches away the smile from face. No amount of positive self talks, gratitude could overcome the strom of distress. Damn the situation is so powerful that its effects lasts for years and in some cases until a person dies.

Lack of strength, problem after problem, change in people, realisations of realities all these things tends to make survival so difficult forget about the concepts of enjoying life, living at the fullest.

But how to deal with it? How to get back happy days? How to fight demons without any strength and without any support ? How to live all over again?

The best and final solution is ‘HOPE’. Survive with a believe today that things are going to be better and you will have a tomorrow to live.

Its a hope, a faith, a belief that can rescue a soul trapped fully into problems. It actually can!

So let’s introduce ourselves to this poetry written on the importance of faith in individuals life. There comes a time when we suffer hardships and deal with struggles, situations when everyone leaves and we are left with the feeling of emptiness and loneliness no one to look at no place to go` in that case its only the love of the creator that helps ❤️

Let's begin - -

khuda par aitbaar tu rakh zara sa itminaan tu rakh..

chale jayengy ye badal bhi,
tu in hawaon ke rukh se toh na dar,
mushkilon mai yaad tu usko kar,
usse dil mai saath lekar chal

jo apne chor jayen toh,
fiza munh mod jaye toh,
tu apna imaan pukhta rakh,
na kar uske faislon par shak

Khuda par aitbaar tu rakh zara sa itminaan tu rakh

girade gar koi gum tujhko toh uthna aas lekar tu
wo tere saath hai har pal ye baat dil mai rakh,
rakh manzilon ki chah aur raaston mai tu yaad usko rakh

na itna duub duniya mai,
ke kal laut bhi na paye,
jo khudko dekhna chahe,
toh nazre na mila paaye

ussi k paas se hai aaya ussi k paas hai jana,
bakshish k liye apne amaal ko taiyyar tu rakh..

Khuda par aitbaar tu rakh zara sa itminaan tu rakh

I know its difficult but continue walking. Pain will surely end one day and you will be proud of yourself that you stayed strong!

Always remember that creator loves you & his love is indeed true.

By the way here’s few lines I wrote today morning —

Hope you liked the post ☺

Thank you 💙



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