5 Shayaries that will make you feel that ‘words aren’t just words’

Let’s get tangled in the loop of words.

Hello readers,

Welcome back to yet another collection of writings, where in you will get to see few lines written in different moods focusing on varied sections.

You hate, love, cherish, remember someone mainly because of their words. Its through words that emotions are expressed, its through them that a lot of things function ; no matter however its neglected, deep inside we all know the power & impact of words in our haphazard world.

Wthout wasting much time, let’s get started ✨

  • First one

Now jealousy has overtaken the art of appreciation. When paid attention to, you will find only a handful of people who are genuinely happy for your happiness without any of their benefits being involved.

Well that’s enough of realistic negativity so lets put a pause on it and jump on to the next.

  • Second one

A person like me would nod twice in agreement with this one. I mean to an extent its okay but every time if you have to give clarifications only without getting any understanding & trust from the next person then it becomes difficult to continue the conversation.

  • Third one

Desires… the root cause of all sufferings!

  • Fourth one

At some point of time we all hit this stage. Where there isn’t any place for fights, dramas, we don’t complain when felt ignored, forgotten, replaced. Or when someone has hurted to the extent that the next person has lost the will to bring things back to normal. Its just looking at everything with a smile without any battles in our hearts.

  • Last one

No matter however bad the thing is or however well you criticise it to be, your reaction/behavior is all that matters at the end. Changing according to every next person you meet doesn’t makes sense. One should act accordingly but there isn’t a need of transforming your virtues to take revenge.

I hope you agree with the last one.

Do let me know which one you like the most? Or what do you wish to read in the next post?

Waiting for your feedbacks ☺

Thank you 💙



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