5 Quotes which will make you think deeply

Minimum words are enough to tell the right story.

Hello readers 🙋‍♀️

Its after a long time that I have sat down to write a post here. So here are handpicked quotes from my collections which I believe are worth reading. We won’t see it attached to any particular topic only rather it aims at giving gist of numerous situations one encounters in life and the thought process involved at those instances.

So let’s get started..

  • First one

Nobody enjoys being in the place where the heart doesn’t feels happiness.

No matter however logical we get in life when heart shows the power of emotions then everything else takes a back seat. And nobody can deny this fact.

  • Second one

Everytime you will find people bragging about not being desired, accepted, cherished or loved but somewhere between complaints there also resides beautiful moments and heartwarming gestures which are meant to be felt.

  • Third one

Crying about mess , weeping about emptiness, we humans are quite complicated at times...in fact most of the time.

  • Fourth one

You might have heard this very popular quote ‘people want us to be real until we are real and say something they don’t like’.

  • Fifth one

How funny it is that everyone wants to be their own self, live according to their own rules but still want the next person to act exactly how he/she wants. Otherwise they will all sit holding frown faces and sometimes literally over no specific reasons.

  • Bonus one!

No captions needed for the above mentioned lines😇

Hope you had a good time reading these super short quotes. Hopefully will be back with more such posts.

Do share your valuable feedbacks.

Thank you 💙



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